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Depth Perception - Remember these guys

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This off season the Jacksonville Jaguars have re-signed the majority of their 2011 squad and also added a few second tier solid players. The Aaron Ross signing could potentially allow us to patch the CB position until next off season with Derek Cox's contract coming up. The signings of Lee Evans and Laurent Robinson likely allows the Jaguars to be 1-2 WRs from having a legitimate receiving corps. As any Jaguars fans will likely tell you we definitely have a few holes to fill on our roster before we can consider it even remotely a finished product still.

While these signings were okay starts to the FA process we still have either starting lineup or depth problems at Offensive Tackle, Defensive End, Wide Receiver, Defensive Tackle, and some would even argue Line Backer (no confidence that Clint Session doesn't get another concussion next year then Russel Allen is our starting LB) & TE-seeing that Mularkey loves to run many two TE sets. Anyone who is still clinging to it's "Zach Miller time" is frankly delusional with dude's injury history. When reading a terrible Yahoo Sports off season winners and losers article by Jason Cole I did notice some good (and some bad or dated) synopses on a few remaining unrestricted free agents. Below I only listed the guys I believe that the Jags would/could have some interest in depending on how the draft falls.

Top possible remaining unrestricted free agents for the Jaguars: Post-NFL draft

OL Kareem McKenzie: He's big, smart and tough. He can play either right tackle or right guard. There's a shortage of good offensive linemen in the NFL. Enough said.

OT Marcus McNeill: McNeill is only 28, so he still has plenty of time to resurrect his once-promising career. Injuries have cost him a lot of his range and he was never the toughest guy, but the potential is there.

TE Jeremy Shockey: He seemed to be living by the Neil Young creed that it's better to burn out than fade away, but most guys like the money too much to simply walk into the sunset. Shockey can still play and there's always a need for receiving tight ends.

WR Plaxico Burress: Forty-five receptions, 13.6 yards per catch and eight touchdowns were good numbers for a guy coming back after two years out of the game, particularly with Mark Sanchez as his quarterback. If Randy Moss produces those kinds of numbers this season, the 49ers will be happy. Burress can still play, he's just not going to make a lot.

DE Andre Carter: He had 10 sacks in 14 games before a quad injury knocked him out for the rest of the season. Carter's career has been up and down, but anybody who's capable of double-digit sacks will be working if he wants to.

Mind you, none of these players would be a starter, everything working out perfectly... But if we don't draft a big time WR in rounds 1 or early in round 2 I have no problem with Burress stepping in that spot to get us to next season. I also heard about a month ago that Carter was still rehabbing so where his healing status is would obviously be the kicker in any deal with him. I'm not so sure we draft a tackle this year-though I've heard Reiff's name thrown around, so I'd say sign McKenzie-who's awesome but also turns 33 in May for depth/competition purposes. This would also help out if Eben Britton doesn't come back from injury as well as expected as McKenzie is starting OT material. McNeill's back injury makes me nervous.

I also wouldn't mind seeing Shockey given an opportunity to work the middle for the Jags with Mercedes Lewis either after watching him take the back seat to Greg Olsen last season. Keep an eye on these names. They'll all be signed in the coming week(s) after the draft likely. Let's see what we do in the draft.........