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Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup

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Jaguars GM Gene Smith steadfast in philosophy to draft a player, not a school |

"Scout the player, not the school," isn’t just a motto Jaguars general manager Gene Smith trots out publicly. It’s also what he tells his scouts, and part of the reason the Jaguars have become known for drafting small-school players.

Jaguars' needs: Pass rusher, pass catchers |

With seven picks in the NFL Draft next week, the Jaguars will make every effort to address their most significant needs, but the players available at the time of each selection don’t always allow that to happen. Here’s a rundown on the team’s needs at each position and its ability to fill them in this particular draft pool

Atlanta Falcons decline to be on "Hard Knocks," source says - ESPN

With the Falcons out of the picture, HBO could look again at the New York Jets and Jacksonville Jaguars, who have both shown previous interest in appearing on the show that chronicles a team's journey through training camp and the preseason.

A league source told ESPN that the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers are also being looked at as options for this season's version of "Hard Knocks."