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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Greg Cosell's Latest Mock

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The Top 6 of the 2012 NFL Draft seems like it could be set, but as we get closer to the draft there is more uncertainty about who the Minnesota Vikings could take, who the Cleveland Browns could take, and who the St. Louis Rams could take. NFL Film's Greg Cosell does a lot of draft talk leading up to the NFL Draft, but he often doesn't do a Mock Draft. He decided to do one this year, based off his own tape review and his perception of what a team's needs are.

7. Jacksonville: The Jaguars select the third corner in the top 7 picks, Morris Claiborne. Claiborne played both press and off coverage at LSU, and he also played in the slot. Claiborne was more of a mirror or shadow press man corner, much like Champ Bailey has been in his career. Claiborne was a smooth efficient mover, but he was not as physical as Gilmore, and I don't believe he provides the same slot versatility as a blitzer and run support defender.

I think ultimately most Jaguars fans would be more than happy with Claiborne as the pick at No. 7 overall and the Jaguars would likely sprint to the podium to turn in the draft card. I have a hard time seeing Claiborne make it past the Browns, Bucs, and Rams, but we've seen players fall in the past for no apparent reason.