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Jaguars Speak With Three Prospects Projected To Go Undrafted

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In the days shortly before the NFL Draft, teams will often take time to speak with players that are likely to go undrafted to get a head start on their undrafted free agency haul. While many of these prospects are hopeful that they'll sneak into the tail end of the draft, the more likely scenario is that the teams talking to them late in the draft process are working to convince that player that their team is the best situation for them.

Two players projected to go undrafted took to Twitter yesterday to reveal that they had conversations with representatives from the Jaguars. Northern Colorado offensive tackle Lee Barbiasz tweeted that he spoke with offensive line coach Andy Heck and Colorado State running back Raymond Carter also tweeted that he spoke on the phone with the Jaguars.

A source also revealed to me that Jaguars linebackers coach Mark Duffner has spoken on the phone with Penn linebacker Erik Rask.

All three players are projected to go undrafted.