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2012 NFL Draft: Jaguars Have Spoken To Todd Monken About Blackmon

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The Minnesota Vikings and the St. Louis Rams could both be in the market for a receiver like Oklahoma State's Justin Blackmon. If either select Blackmon, then obviously he wouldn't be available to the Jaguars at pick seven, but the Jaguars are doing their back work for the event that he could be.

In Gene Frenette's latest blog post, he spoke with Oklahoma State offensive coordinator Todd Monken about Blackmon and the connections with the Jaguars. Monken, the Jaguars receivers coach from 2007-2010, told Frenette he believes Blackmon will be successful in the NFL and that he "does everything that's hard, easy."

The Jaguars have sent a lot of their scouts to the OSU campus to interview Monken about everything related to Blackmon.

NFL Network's Mike Mayock and's John Oehser both believe the Jaguars will select Blackmon at the seventh overall selection if he's available. Meanwhile, Notre Dame WR Michael Floyd said on Sirius XM Radio that he hasn't had any contact with the Jaguars since the NFL Combine in February.