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Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup

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Jaguars claim Dolphins will take Tannehill | ProFootballTalk

Minnesota is trying its damnedest to drum up a market for the first pick after the top two picks, which barring the intervention of a bus, a lightning bolt, and/or a Biblical plague will be Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III. The Jaguars, who widely are believed to be hoping to trade down from the seventh spot, are now openly selling the idea that the Dolphins will take quarterback Ryan Tannehill with the eighth pick in the draft.

The launching point -

Three years later, the memory remains fresh.
Eugene Monroe like it that way. He cherishes the 2009 NFL Draft, and to ensure he remembers vividly, a picture from that day hangs on the bedroom wall of him and his wife, Nuyera.
"I look at it every day," Monroe said Monday.

Gene Frenette - Prospective Jaguars can leave their baggage at the door |

When the Jaguars promoted Gene Smith to general manager in 2009 and gave him final authority on draft-day decisions, he made it immediately known that the "character" component in building an NFL roster was of paramount importance.

Jaguars offensive tackle knows playbook for artistic moves, too |

The show starts with a man’s calm, soothing baritone. Spoken gently and slowly, his words are interspersed with deliberate pauses.