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Jaguars Draft Rumors: Broncos Have Contacted Jaguars About 7th Pick

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One of the players that has risen quickly up many media draft boards lately is South Carolina cornerback Stephon Gilmore. Much of that was spurred by Greg Cosell who, based on game tape alone, said in a mock draft that Gilmore should go third overall to the Minnesota Vikings.

Peter King of Sports Illustrated reported that the Jaguars like Gilmore "a ton," but according to a recent report, the Broncos have also taken notice in the cornerback. So much so that Shawn Zobel, founder and president of, tweeted that they have been in contact with the Jaguars about a potential trade to acquire the seventh overall selection.

The Broncos first round pick is back all the way at 25, so a move all the way to seven would cost plenty. The most comparable trade would be the 2008 one between Jacksonville and Baltimore that gave the Jaguars the 8th pick to select Derrick Harvey and gave the Ravens the 26th (1st), 71st (3rd), 89th (3rd) and 125th (4th) picks.