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NFL Draft: Jaguars Trying To Trade Up For Justin Blackmon, According To Report

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As mentioned previously, the Jacksonville Jaguars we're mentioned in a previous report by ESPN's Adam Schefter in the list of teams that were trying to move up in the NFL Draft. One trade has already been made as the Cleveland Browns moved up one spot, making a trade with the Minnesota Vikings so they can presumably land Trent Richardson.

Well, according to Shefter now this trade has enabled the possibility of the Jaguars to move up to No. 4 to draft... Justin Blackmon?

As I said previously, I still have a hard time seeing the Jaguars move up from No. 7 to draft Blackmon who very likely could be on the board during their pick at No. 7. I'm not sure what the cost would be to move up to the No. 4 spot, but I would guess it would be at least a third-round pick.