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2012 NFL Draft: Jaguars Justin Blackmon Pick Analysis

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The Jaguars traded up from pick seven to pick five to secure the opportunity to select Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon. While they had to sacrifice a pick to ensure no one else got Blackmon before them, a move up in the top 10, albeit only two slots, probably should've cost the Jaguars more than a fourth rounder and for that, the trade was more than acceptable.

Would I have selected Blackmon in the Jaguars' situation? No, probably not. That doesn't mean I'm not excited.

Blackmon instantly upgrades the Jaguars offense and could come in and be the best receiver right away on a team that struggled to pass the ball in 2011. When voting for my grade for the poll, though, I was in a toss up between a B and a C, before deciding to go with a B grade.

I'm not upset with the pick, I'm not doing backflips for the pick. Blackmon brings a lot to the Jaguars offense, but were there better players on the draft board? I believe so.

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The consensus was that there wasn't a better wide receiver in the draft, but maybe there wasn't a receiver with the athleticism worth a top 10 pick. Blackmon has a high floor and a small likelihood of busting so that's good and the reason why he probably went as high as he did, but the most likely case is that the Jaguars have an Anquan Boldin-type receiver on their hands.

Is Boldin worth being drafted with picks five or seven? I'd say, probably not. The Jaguars are crossing their fingers that Blackmon will instead end up having a Michael Irvin type of impact because a top five selection at receiver is usually reserved for players with Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald type of athleticism.

At 6-1, 207 he is a little short for a number one receiver and with a 40 time in the high 4.4's, he doesn't have the elite top end speed to make up for it. Personally I would've taken Morris Claiborne after trading up or attempted to recoup value with a trade down. But that's just me. Go Blackmon and go Jaguars.