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Round 2 NFL Draft 2012: Jaguars Can Still Get A Difference Maker

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The first round of the 2012 NFL Draft is in the books and the Jacksonville Jaguars came away with a player they clearly targeted in Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon. The Jaguars moved up two spots, giving up just a fourth-round pick to do so, securing their primary target.

There are still a good handful of good players the Jaguars can target with their pick in the second-round of the NFL Draft on Friday night. I don't think the Jaguars will double up on a wide receiver in the second-round, but if they chose to do so there are still some good players available. The Jaguars reportedly liked Stephen Hill, who is still on the board. Rueben Randle and Brian Quick are also still available.

The position I'd guess the Jaguars would target is defensive end and players like Courtney Upshaw, Vinny Curry, and Andre Branch are all still available. I would personally take a flier on cornerback Janoris Jenkins at this point, but I highly doubt the Jaguars will go that route.

Who would you target?