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Jaguars Troll Jeff Fisher With Blackmon Pick

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When the Jacksonville Jaguars traded up for Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon, many thought it was to jump ahead of the St. Louis Rams. Rams head coach Jeff Fisher essentially confirmed that belief by his War Room reaction, according to Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports.

The Bucs, Fisher and Snead believed, weren't likely to select Blackmon. When the Rams' IT director, Bill Consoli, announced that the Jags had traded up for the fifth pick (information that was revealed in the war room minutes before television viewers received the news, as Consoli was communicating with counterparts from the league's 31 other franchises), Fisher slammed his eyeglasses onto the table and uttered a one-syllable expletive.

When I said before I wasn't really a fan of Justin Blackmon as a Top 10 pick, this makes me absolutely love the pick. The Jaguars were able to troll Jeff Fisher and make him hopefully break his stupid sun glasses.