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2012 NFL Draft Open Thread: Day Two

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The second round of the 2012 NFL Draft is just about to begin and will be followed by the third round tonight with the remaining rounds taking place on Saturday. There's still plenty of exceptional talent available after many players that most felt were first rounders slipped out of the top 32 picks. The Jaguars are set to kick off their night at pick 38, the sixth selection of the second, and have another selection at pick 70, the seventh pick in the third round.

NFL Draft Tracker via Sports Illustrated

With wide receiver Justin Blackmon already drafted by the Jaguars in the first round, the dire need for weapons for Blaine Gabbert is dulled some and the Jaguars can now look to address other positions of need; namely, their need for a pass rusher. The top three names for most are Alabama's Courtney Upshaw, Marshall's Vinny Curry and Clemson's Andre Branch. Upshaw did not appear on the BCC draft interest list, but Curry and Branch both did with Branch even having a private visit with the Jaguars.