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Mike Mularkey Says Jaguars Could Experiment With Wildcat

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In recent seasons several teams have experimented with "Wildcat" plays that feature dual-threat players with the ability to throw and run stepping in as quarterback and adding an extra element to an offense. Made successful by then-Dolphins running back Ronnie Brown in 2008, several teams have experimented with the idea.

The Jaguars have largely avoided the formation, but new head coach Mike Mularkey hinted at the possibility of trying to introduce it in 2012 in his media address yesterday, saying he would look to use it "if you have the right people to do it."

Sixth round draft pick, Mike Harris, was a high school quarterback and is someone that Mularkey singled out as a guy they could "experiment with a little bit." Later he also mentioned 2011 fourth round pick, Cecil Shorts III, as "a guy we can try back there."

"We're always looking at that, yeah," Mularkey said. "It puts a threat into the defenses that they have to be concerned about. It's one more thing if you can get them working on something.