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Was Scobee's Franchise Tag a variable in the Anger signing?

"Please don't hold out bro."  (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)
"Please don't hold out bro." (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)
Getty Images

When speaking with a friend on facebook on Sunday we just realized a few things that sounded odd. Thought I'd ask my BCC family about their thoughts on the subject...

Now, Josh Scobee still hasn't signed nor does he intend to sign his Franchise tender, correct?

While I'm sure that the Jaguars have full confidence that Scobee will sign the tender and be all smiles and rainbows, what if the much earlier than usual drafting of Anger had something to do with how the long term negotiations with Scobee have been going? Word on the street is that Anger is a pretty awesome kickoff specialist to match is great punting skills.

P- Bryan Anger, California -- Anger is the highest graded specialist in the drat with a booming leg and could also handle kickoffs. (Source)

As most teams do, the Jaguars also just brought in another kicker into the mix for camp purposes (UFA Long Ding, a kicker from Norwich).

Norwich kicker Long Ding earned ECFC Special Teams Player of the Year for the second straight year. The senior has made 33 of 34 PAT attempts and 12 of 15 field goals including a 51-yarder. The senior from Qing Dao, China who handled place-kicking and punting duties this season, ranks first in ECFC in made field goals and field goal and extra point accuracy and earned October recognition from Fred Mitchell Award for his on and off field success. (Source)

We now have one pretty good (not Scobee-great), but good UFA place kicker in place and a punter who can substitute as a great kickoff specialist also.

Am I the only one that believes this isn't a coincidence? The moderate awkwardness of Anger's early drafting for a team with more than a few depth holes to fill, matched with the fact that the best punter in the nation Shawn Powell of FSU was an UFA leads to a few questions. Powell averaged three more yards per punt than Anger and both Brian Stahovic of San Diego State and Drew Butler of Georgia were UFAs even though they averaged less than .3 yards per punt less than Anger. But they don't have the ability to serve dual roles. Anger does.

Now before you say "this dude's insane! Scobee will be buried in Duval County!" Hear me out...This isn't to say that Anger isn't the awesome man-specimen that he's been talked up to be by the media. I'm just asking, had Scobee's contract situation been handled already would this higher risk than normal third round pick have occurred with what was left on the draft board? I get it. Turk was bad...but Nick Harris was serviceable. Seeing that Anger was drafted so much earlier than guys pretty close and/or higher than him in punting alone combined with the signing of a second kicker for camp competition-when you have a top three kicker on your team sounds a lot like an insurance signing.

Should we be worried about Scobee holding out into the season? I'm not yet...but I'm wondering if I should be...