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Jaguars Should Have Removed Seats Instead Of Tarping, Just Like The Redskins

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The Jacksonville Jaguars are constantly the butt of jokes about selling tickets and moving to Los Angeles. Despite the fact that the Jaguars actually don't really have that much of a problem selling tickets anymore, and haven't since the one season in 2009 that the stadium was barren. Also forget the fact that there are two other NFL franchises in the same state who are in much dire straights tickets wise, the Jaguars still get the butt end of the joke because they tarped a little over 9,000 seats in EverBank field to bring the capacity from 76,867 to 67,164. It's always about the tarps.

Well, maybe the Jaguars should have just straight up removed the seats from the stadium, just like the Washington Redskins have done the past three years. According to the Washington Post, the Redskins will be once again removing seats to reduce the capacity of FedEx Field, this time removing around 4,000 seats.

The Redskins in 2010 said FedEx had a capacity of more than 91,000, but that was lowered to around 83,000 last season after the team removed seats from the end zone areas of both upper decks. With the latest renovations, the stadium's capacity will be 79,000, according to Samuel Wynkoop, the director of Prince George's County Department of Environmental Resources.

This brings the total seats removed by the Redskins since 2010 to a total of around 12,000 seats. But, Jacksonville has tarps, you guys. They're a bad sports town and moving to Los Angeles, you guys.