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2012 NFL Draft Analysis: Jaguars Best Value Pick

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Instead of handing out NFL Draft Grades, I figured I would break down some of the Jacksonville Jaguars picks by certain perameters. Instead of a simple best pick or worst pick, I wanted to look at what I considered the best value, worst value, and who should have the biggest impact going into their rookie season. The first thing I'm going to look at here is what I think was the Jaguars best "value" pick.

Some highlights of Mike Harris (No. 1) from his days at Florida State.

In the sixth-round, the Jaguars selected Florida State cornerback Mike Harris. Harris has been the Seminoles nickelback for the past two seasons after coming to FSU from El Camino CC. Harris is a solid athlete and about typical cornerback size at 5'10 and 188 pounds. He's probably not going to start, but he could be a very nice value pick and stick in the league for quite a while.

While Harris primarily played nickelback, by many accounts, he was FSU's second best cover corner behind only Xavier Rhodes. Harris is also very physical and fits in well as a nickelback in the NFL and could potentially even play free safety in a fill in role. Harris should also be an excellent special teams player. I don't know if Harris will see the field his rookie season, but I expect him to make the Jaguars roster and compete for playing time in dime situations.

The folks over at SB Nation's Seminoles blog Tomahawk Nation gave us a quick run down on Mike Harris from his short time with the Seminoles.

Very instinctive and a quick learner. Reads cues from receivers and quarterbacks quite well. Decent in press, usually reroutes the receiver into the zone that most helps the defense. Does not have the elite speed to play on an island in the NFL. Very good tackler. Not at all a big hitter, but wraps up well and will at least hang on until fill arrives. Harris wasn't asked to be a star for FSU's defense, and he was cool with that. He simply did his specific job, didn't freelance, and did it quite well.