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2012 NFL Draft: Peter King On Bryan Anger

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The biggest "thing" in the Jacksonville Jaguars draft was selecting California punter Bryan Anger in the third-round. I'm still trying to wrap my head around drafting a punter with the 70th overall pick in the draft, especially when there were a few players who could fill needs as far a depth and be potential starters (offensive line, defensive tackle), but the Jaguars decided to go with a punter they obviously feel very strongly about. In Peter King's MMQB for Sports Illustrated, he tries makes some sense of it.

Anger, one special teams coach told me this weekend, is one of the best directional punters he's ever seen. "I never get the chance to just kick down the middle of the field,'' he told me. "At Cal, we always wanted to pin the guy in the corner or the sideline. Field position today is so big in football. It's a big deal nobody really focuses on.''

Obviously, I still can't see the justification in a punter in the third-round or even how he can prove he was worth the pick, but Anger is a very good directional style punter and that's what the Jaguars have used effectively on special teams for the past four or five years (not counting Matt Turk). It was a big reason they selected Adam Podlesh in the fourth-round a few years ago and looks to be a big reason they selected Anger in the third-round.