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Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup

NFL players model new Nike uniforms |

Nike unveiled its new uniforms today in New York. Visually, the Jaguars uniform hasn't changed much. Teal will be the primary home uniform with white pants. They'll have some alternates, too. Players, more than fans, will be impacted by the changes to the Jaguars' uniforms. They're more light-weight (enough that, say, a black jersey wouldn't be so terrible in the summer).

Jaguars team members see a better environment for improving fortunes |

It’s just a new space, but it shows something more to the Jaguars players about the organization. When the Jaguars offseason strength program began Monday, it began in a renovated weight room. They’ll soon be using a swanky, new locker room, and other stadium upgrades are coming. They’re visual representations of the Jaguars’ new owner’s desire to refresh the franchise’s image.

A new season, a new role

The objective for the coming months is simple, although Blaine Gabbert said it’s not really so much about specifics. Gabbert, the Jaguars’ second-year veteran quarterback, said when it comes to the most-discussed aspect of his football life these days – i.e., what he’s doing to develop between now and next season – his goal actually is pretty obvious.

Signs of the times

There are changes going on around the Jaguars, and to safety Dwight Lowery, they’re about something more fundamental than improvements with the facilities. The refurbished weight room. The new televisions in the cafeteria. The yet-to-be-finished locker room renovation. Overall, Lowery said when the players reported this week for the team’s off-season conditioning program there very definitely was a feeling of new, and Lowery said that newness is more than a sign of the times. It may be a sign of good things ahead.