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Jaguars Receivers Need To Be Pushed, According To Mike Thomas

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It's no secret one of the biggest points of struggle for the Jaguars on offense in the 2011 NFL season was at the wide receiver position. The team had one of it's worst season's passing the ball ever and the some of the worst output from wide receivers in the entire NFL. The Jaguars fired Johnny Cox, their wide receivers coach, in the middle of last season and receiver Mike Thomas seems to feel that the Jaguars receivers haven't been pushed since Todd Monken left for the Oklahoma State offensive coordinator position.

"When Coach Monk was here the demand was pretty high up the pedestal," Thomas told the Florida Times-Union. "Then, as you all know, I think the level of play kind of dropped from the wide receiver position last year. Different coaches do things different ways. You all react to it and everybody reacts to it differently. We will see how the Coach Sullivan era goes. I think it will be good. I really do."

While what Thomas says has some merit, I'm a bit confused by what Thomas is saying, especially considering he was one of the biggest disappointments last season.

Thomas continued, telling the Florida Times-Union, "Monken was anal. We are all grown men. We have families and a lot of us have mortgages and bills just like the next man or next woman. You have to be anal in this business to get your point across and get what you really need out of guys to win."

Thomas signed a three-year, $18 million extension during last season and his play fell off a cliff. He quite often seemed to run the wrong route and at times looked as if he just gave up on a route. So, they level of play dropped off because the former receivers coach wasn't as demanding as Monken, or... ?

I'm confused.