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Clint Session Finally Not Feeling Effects Of Concussion

The Jacksonville Jaguars signed Clint Session last season to round out their linebacker group and Session played well for much of the season, up until he suffered his second concussion of the season and missed the final seven games of the season. Session also suffered a concussion in the preseason, but the second concussion was apparently much more severe and according to what Session told Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union, just got over the symptoms about a month ago.

Session had to try something else. Recommended by his agent, Session enrolled in a concussion treatment program at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), coincidentally his alma mater. From his first visit with that program, Session began to feel a change and for the past month he's had no concussion symptoms. In fact, Session says he feels better than he did even before last year's concussions.

Previously, Session had trouble sleeping more than two hours a night, napping, and eating without feeling nauseous. He was still suffering the effects of the concussion well after the season had ended. That is, until he sought extra treatment from his alma mater and got back on track.

"My agent ... he told me, ‘They're going to be more proactive toward getting you back in the field, not necessarily a time frame, but just getting you back to a normal life,'" Session told Ganguli. "I got kids, I want to be able to be a dad as well as after football. They were able to get me back to being a normal human."

Session also told Ganguli if he had to guess, he's had five concussions in his life. Concussions have been the focus of the NFL the past few seasons and it appears Session has had multiple bad concussions, stemming back to his college days at Pitt. Session was finally able to get the proper treatment and rest, the biggest treatment for a brain injury, and get back to feeling normal.

You can read more about the treatment that Session went through to deal with his concussion symptoms here.