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Greg Cosell Thinks Blaine Gabbert Is In A Good Situation With Mike Mularkey

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One of the biggest Blaine Gabbert critics even before the draft was NFL Films Greg Cosell. If you don't follow Cosell on Twitter (@gregcosell) he's a wealth of information this time of year as he tweets his evaluations on players heading to the draft. Cosell was very critical of Gabbert pre-draft, noting he had the physical tools and smarts teams wanted, but was often frantic in the pocket. With the hiring of Mike Mularkey and staff, Cosell thinks that it will help out Gabbert tremendously.

Part of the reason Mularkey was brought in to Jacksonville was to help groom and work with Gabbert. As Cosell mentions, Mularkey uses to run game and play action to make the game easier on his quarterback. He also incorporates more quick throws and getting the ball out, which is similar to the style and tempo Gabbert played in at Missouri. It will be interesting to watch Gabbert in the preseason and see if this changes his play and feel in the pocket.