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Speculation On Terrance Knighton's Injury

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Jacksonville Jaguars defensive tackle Terrance Knighton suffered an eye injury after an incident early Sunday morning at Pure Nightclub on the south side of Jacksonville. The exact details of the situation and what occurred at this time are unknown, but Jeff Prosser of 1010XL on Sports Final Radio Monday morning provided some details that he had been able to dig up through some of his sources.

According to Prosser, and I'm paraphrasing what I heard, one of Knighton's friends was jumped in the club and Knighton intervened to break it up. Knighton, as we all know, is a big guy at around 6'3" and 350 pounds so of course the people beating up his friend cracked Knighton over the face/head with a bottle. The bottle of course shatters, cutting open Knighton's head and doing damage to his eye. According to what Prosser had heard, the recovery time was in the area of four months, best case scenario.

I want to reiterate this is not necessarily a report, but what Jeff Prosser was able to dig up via some of his sources.