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Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup

Football Outsiders on remaining needs - AFC South Blog - ESPN

"A strong run-blocking unit … did Blaine Gabbert no favors over the course of his nightmare rookie season. Guy Whimper was one of the worst offensive tackles in the league last season -- FO's J.J. Cooper had a scathing column on his play last year -- and the only obstacle to keep him from starting at tackle again is Eben Britton, whom the Jaguars wanted to turn into a guard last season.

Drew Coleman wanted an opportunity to play corner, not just nickel, last year |

A lot was made of Drew Coleman's lack of versatility after the Jaguars released him last week. Coleman was strictly the Jaguars' nickelback last year, and never played outside, not even as corner after corner went down with injury. Coleman never said much about it publicly during the season. I asked him about it once back then and he replied that he does what he's told. Behind the scenes, though, Coleman had question for his coaches and Jaguars general manager Gene Smith.

Taking the right angle

Jordan Palmer is excited. And yeah, while it makes sense he’d be that way after being out of the NFL last season, he’s excited about more than just having an opportunity. He’s excited about being around the Jaguars, in particular. He’s excited about Bob Bratkowski. And Greg Olson. Mostly, Palmer said he’s excited about Mike Mularkey and the feeling he got in Jacksonville last weekend. Palmer has been around a lot of football, and he said it’s easy to see a head coach with the right approach, the right demeanor, the right mindset.