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HBO Hard Knocks: Jets Turn It Down, Jaguars Still Volunteers?

HBO is hoping to decide on a team to feature on their series "Hard Knocks" by the end of the month of May. The Atlanta Falcons had already turned down the offer and the Jets were reportedly still interested in the show, but according to The New York Daily News the Jets will not be on the program.

TV sources say the Jets will not be featured in this summer's version of HBO's "Hard Knocks." An HBO spokesman would not comment on whether Gang Green was out of the picture. "We still have time to decide," the spokesman said. "And we, and our NFL Films partners, haven't made any decisions yet."

The Jaguars have interest in doing the program. "We did express interest, and at this point we don't know what HBO's plans are," Jaguars spokesman Dan Edwards told the Florida Times-Union back in April. The Jaguars have been on a similar show in the past. For the 2004 season, the Jaguars appeared on the NFL Network "Summer" series in "Jaguars Summer".