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Uche Nwaneri Earns A Top 5 Performance

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Many Jacksonville Jaguars fans know how good of a guard Uche Nwaneri is when he's on his game. Nwaneri was recognized for his play by Pro Football Focus, notching one of the best performances by a right guard for the 2011 NFL season (h/t to unhipcat).

3. Uche Nwaneri, Jacksonville Jaguars: Week 10 at Indianapolis (+4.5)

Uche Nwaneri won't have many easier days then going up against the likes of Antonio Johnson and Fili Moala. He moved them about at will and did a good job getting his hands on linebackers like Pat Angerer and Ernie Sims in the run game. Throw in a perfect display in pass protection and he's in the Top 5.

While the Colts where an abysmal team in 2011, a dominant performance is still a dominant performance. Uche is locked up for the long haul with the Jaguars and should be a staple on their offensive line for the next few seasons.