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Jaguars Roster Bubble: Kyle Bosworth

The Jacksonville Jaguars get back on to the football field this week with another set of Organized Team Activities (OTAs). As the team gets back on to the field, the Jaguars staff and front office will begin to watch and evaluate players. Some players are locks at their positions, other players are what we call "bubble" guys. They're guys who have a shot to make the team, but they'll have to show they are better than others.

One player who will likely be on the bubble this offseason is linebacker Kyle Bosworth. Bosworth has been a good special teams player and been OK in spot duty at linebacker. In the preseason, he's generally done a really nice job of playing the position but he's clearly at best the fifth linebacker on the Jaguars depth chart, behind do-all linebacker Russell Allen. The Jaguars drafted Brandon Marshall in the fifth round this year, who is going to do the same kind of things Bosworth does. Bosworth is going to have to battle this preseason and try once again to force his way on to the roster.