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HBO Hard Knocks: Redskins, 49ers Decline

HBO is trying to decide on which team they will feature on their "Hard Knocks" series for the 2012 NFL season. The Atlanta Falcons and New York Jets both declined to be on the show, but the Jacksonville Jaguars made it known they would be interested in the program. HBO has not decided a team yet, but two more NFL teams have declined.

Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan said on PFT Live that the Redskins would not be on the Hard Knocks program. "I just didn't feel comfortable with being in that situation," Shanahan said on PFT Live. "You know, I can't be myself. I don't think coaches can be their self and I'd like players to concentrate on their job. I don't know if it's old school or what. You know, for me I just didn't feel comfortable with that atmosphere."

The San Francisco 49ers have also declined to be on the program, according to owner Jed York on Twitter.

We've joked about it, but it might just come down to no one else but the Jaguars wanting to be on TV.