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Chad Henne Ranked NFL's 32nd Best QB

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Since it's time for ranking things nonsensically... which I'm not sure is a word, here's another ranking of the NFL's quarterbacks by Jason Smith of I'll note, he's a "Fantasy Analyst", so I'm assuming these are based on something to do with fantasy football.

32) Chad Henne, Jacksonville Jaguars: Projecting he'll beat out Gabbert. By and large Henne is the same QB now he was when he was a freshman at Michigan. Big arm, but erratic and prone to bad turnovers. And still, he could keep Gabbert on the bench.

Projecting Henne to beat out Blaine Gabbert is fine and all, despite the fact that the likelihood of it happening is virtually none, the follow up sentence is just kind of silly. If Chad Henne is what he's going to be, then why would the team start him? This would mean he'd be that same guy all through training camp and the preseason, and if he is I'd venture to say a team would start the guy they drafted in the Top 10 and invested two draft picks into, rather than the strong-armed erratic QB who is prone to bad turnovers.

Again, if Chad Henne is going to "win" the starting job in the preseason, he's going to have to play significantly better than Blaine Gabbert. It's Gabbert's job to lose, not Henne's to win. There's a difference.