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NFL Power Rankings: Jaguars Aren't Powerful

Now that the NFL Draft is over and done with for the 2012 season, that means the meaningless mock drafts leading up to it are now even more useless than they were leading up to the draft. We now get to move on to something even more useless, but people still care about it, NFL Power Rankings. Thankfully, Joel Thorman of SB Nation has done his first set of NFL Power Rankings for us.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (5-11, LW: 26): Some receivers struggle early on in their NFL career so I'm not sure if Justin Blackmon will be tearing it up right away. Blaine Gabbert is a question mark. Maurice Jones-Drew has 299 or more carries in each of the last three seasons. I wonder if this could be a really bad year for the Jaguars.

Oh... ouch. The Jaguars are ranked ahead of the Cleveland Browns however, so... we're not last!

Or something.