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Subscribe To The SB Nation YouTube Channel

I know you all love my SB Nation YouTube videos (and I'll be doing one that should be up tomorrow, I've had a crazy two weeks) so you should love the SB Nation proper YouTube videos. There are some pretty great things being done on the network there. They have some great people doing video for them, such as Amy K. Nelson and the always entertaining Dan Rubenstein and Matt Ufford. They also have Bomani Jones, who people seem to both love and hate equally.

Not to mention the fantastic weekly show known as Shutdown Fullback with Spencer Hall of EDSBS and Jason Kirk.

I visited the studios when I was in New York for a summit with SB Nation and it's a neat little setup. They have a great team that does excellent work and high quality production value, as you saw with the NFL Draft reviews. Here's a little peek at Amy K. Nelson's newest video that should be released later today:

You can subscribe to the channel here.