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NFL Expected To Extend Trade Deadline

While the Jacksonville Jaguars do get back on the field today for another round of OTAs, there is also a league vote coming this week that could change a few things. One of those things that could be changed is pushing back the NFL trade deadline from Week 6 to Week 8, the rough mid-point of the NFL season.

There is a belief that pushing the trade deadline back to when the playoff picture is a bit more clear could spark more trading. Teams would have two more weeks to get an idea of what they're like if a starter gets injured for the year early in the season, to gauge if exploring a trade is necessary and not be as rushed like in the past.

Then again, the NFL trade deadline isn't anything like the deadlines in other sports, such as the MLB and NBA where trades are fast and furious approaching the deadline. NFL trades during the season are still quite and will likely remain uncommon, regardless of when the deadline is. The owners will vote on the deadline this week, but most experts expect the vote to extend the deadline to pass.