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Adrian Peterson May Or May Not Be Ready For Week 1 Against The Jaguars

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In 107 days the Jaguars will kick off the 2012 regular season at Mall of America Field in Minnesota. Previewing a game between two teams with entirely unset rosters and a full training camp yet to have even been started is somewhat pointless; however, one of the obvious stars for the Vikings who will, without question, be on the roster come that September 9 game is running back Adrian Peterson.

Whether or not he plays in that game though, is still very much in the air. On December 24 in the 2011 regular season, Peterson completely shredded his knee, tearing both his MCL and ACL along with lateral and medial meniscus damage. As Evan Silva of Rotoworld noted on Twitter, team doctors were convinced that the severity and timing of the injury would mean Peterson would have to start the 2012 season on the physically unable to perform (PUP) list.

But being the physical freak that he is, Peterson has set his sights on being back for the Vikings season opener against the Jaguars and was reportedly back on the field a month ago, running wind sprints with his teammates four months post-operation...and beating them consistently.

Yes there will be plenty of other things going on between now and then that will certainly have a big impact on the season opener for the Vikings and Jaguars, but Adrian Peterson's recovery from injury is definitely something to keep an eye on. Because...hey why not?