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Jaguars Offseason Report: Tight End

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With the majority of the offseason in the books, at least with NFL free agency and the NFL Draft, we can start to look at the Jacksonville Jaguars position by position and see what we can begin looking for when training camp rolls around. One position that could have a big role change with the new coaching staff and offense is the tight end position. Head coach Mike Mularkey is a former tight end and has utilized the position in the past.

Returning Players

Marcedes Lewis - Lewis is looking to rebound from a poor season where he had some off the field distractions during the season. Lewis sounds like he's excited to finally be in an offense to once again use what he was drafted for, his receiving ability. He dealt with some bad drops last season, but if his focus is there this season he should be able to rebound pretty quickly.

Zach Miller - Miller has been the classic "potential" guy who just can't stay healthy. He's made some plays on the field when he's there, but his problem is he just can't stay there. He seems to have a nice rapport with quarterback Blaine Gabbert and is the perfect "joker" style tight end.

Zach Potter - Potter has been on the Jaguars roster as the third tight end for a few seasons. He's primarily a blocker but has shown some pass catching ability. Potter should once again hold up the third tight end spot unless someone just blows the coaches away.

Colin Cloherty - Cloherty was signed mid-season last year when Zach Miller went down with an injury. He had a few nice grabs during the season, but we don't really know what all he has to offer. He's bounced around on a few teams.

Lost Players


New Players

Matt Veldman - Veldman is a "big body" rookie tight end at 6'7 and nearly 260 pounds. He's likely just a body in camp, but the third tight end spot should be up for grabs if someone can provide adequate blocking and some pass catching ability.