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Jaguars Release Drew Coleman

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The Jacksonville Jaguars have released cornerback Drew Coleman, the team announced Tuesday morning. Coleman was signed in free agency last season to a three-year, $7.4 million deal. Coleman was set to earn nearly $1.75 million for the 2012 season and played in nearly half of the Jaguars defensive snaps last season. Coleman played in all 16 games.

The release is a bit curious to me, as I thought Coleman played fairly well during the year as the nickel back. He did a nice job in coverage and blitzing off the edge from the slot position. The Jaguars did bring back Rashean Mathis on a one-year deal and signed Aaron Ross this offseason, as well as drafting Mike Harris in the sixth round.

I would venture to guess this means that the Jaguars are comfortable in how far along Mathis is in his recovery and think either he or Ross will be better in the nickel spot.