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Release Of Coleman Shows The Jaguars Have Faith In Secondary Depth

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Think of where the Jaguars were when they signed CB Drew Coleman to a three year deal just last summer. They had Rashean Mathis and Derek Cox penciled in as starters with very little depth behind the two.

Since then the Jaguars have seen William Middleton improve to a serviceable player that can start in the place of Cox or Mathis and signed two undrafted free agents last year (Kevin Rutland and T.J. Heath) that were both good enough to make the roster.

Add in the free agent signing of Aaron Ross during this offseason and the drafting of Mike Harris in the sixth round, and the Jaguars are clearly confident in their cornerback depth.

With three cornerbacks with experience at the nickel position, Coleman became an expendable player for the Jaguars.

With a slew of injuries in 2011, the Jaguars never had faith in Coleman to put him on the outside and that lack of versatility made players like Ross and Middleton (both of whom have experience at nickel and on the outside) more valuable options on the team.