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Indoor Practices Only A Minor Inconvenience For Jaguars

In the wake of Tropical Storm Beryl, yet another one of the OTA's for the Jaguars has been moved inside as Gene Frenette reported on Twitter that today's practice was taken indoors "midway through due to lightning."

Alfie Crow talks practice bubble

While Alfie pointed out that this is another opportunity for the Jaguars to make a push for a practice bubble, head coach Mike Mularkey downplayed the significance of the rain in his media address saying that the biggest thing lost is film.

"The biggest thing you lose is film work to teach off of. We saw mistakes, we corrected them but they’re gone now. They can never be brought back," Mularkey said. "‘This is what happened and this is what we need to do,’ or ‘you do this and you need to do that.’ Tomorrow there is nothing to study off of so it will be a big install but not film to review it."

Mularkey added later that "we’re getting a lot more done than people think we can inside."