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What's Your Favorite Tailgate Drink?

So, recently SB Nation Studios sent Matt Ufford to try some whiskey drinks in honor of the 2012 Kentucky Derby, which runs this weekend. He was able try to Derby stable Mint Julep, of which I have never had the pleasure of drinking. I don't know, it just never appealed to me. He also went along and tried an Old Fashioned, which I've had many time and a Whiskey Smash, which I have actually never heard of.

It got me thinking, what are some of your favorite tailgate drinks? I usually don't drink liquor at a tailgate because I like to be at least somewhat functional during a game, but what are some of yours?

As I said, I don't normally drink liquor at a tailgate, but occasionally I will and it's usually just some bourbon. I usually roll up to the craft beer store and get a nice IPA six pack and I'm good to go. I think this season we're making our official tailgate beer Intuition IPA (a local Jax brewery) since it's now being sold in cans.