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Josh McGregor Trying To Make Training Camp Roster

The Jacksonville Jaguars signed over 30 rookies for their rookie mini-camp this weekend, many of which were players signed on a "try out" basis. One player the Jaguars decided to bring in was former Jacksonville University quarterback Josh McGregor, who's somewhat of a local prospect. McGregor is from South Florida, the Belle Glade area and made the Dolphins as a walk on quarterback.

McGregor worked his way up the depth chart and eventually became the team's starter a freshman. McGregor started all four years at JU, amassing 11,230 passing yards in his college career as whole and was named the MVP of the Battle For Florida All-Star game, where McGregor finished up with 123 passing yards and completing 11 of 12 passes.

It will be tough for McGregor to make the Jaguars roster, put it's possible he can impress the coaches enough to push for a practice squad position or even the third quarterback job. He's already impressing the staff after the first day of rookie mini-camp.

"I was impressed with him," Jaguars head coach Mike Mularkey told reporters when asked about McGregor.

"We asked him to get up in front of a group of people and coaches, NFL coaches, a group that has never seen you before and bark out a cadence. We asked him to get up in front of the offense and go through our cadence system multiple times," Mularkey said. "It was not too big for him. I was very impressed."

"I've been around a lot of rookie mini-camps where the quarterback can't call a play in the huddle, can't call a cadence at the line, can't run a play," Mularkey said in his post practice press conference. "He was very comfortable doing all of that today."

The big question for McGregor will be how many quarterbacks the Jaguars decide to bring into training camp. Typically the Jaguars have brought in four quarterbacks, but last season they strayed from that and kept just three. Head coach Mike Mularkey was very non-commital when asked if the team would carry three or four to training camp, so that would lead me to believe that one of the players this weekend would need to impress the staff enough to warrant carrying a fourth quarterback.

From the sounds of it, McGregor is off to a good start.