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Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup

Jordan Palmer sees Mike Mularkey's fingerprints on the Jaguars offense |

We've all assumed that Jordan Palmer's familiarity with Jaguars offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski gave him the upper hand in last weekend's minicamp. He figured that would be the case, too. The reality was a little bit different. "I think that there’s an element of that but it’s mostly new," Palmer said. "There wasn’t as much carryover as I had thoughtBob Bratkowski’s the offensive coordinator but Mike Mularkey’s the head coach.

No regrets

His story could have been different, as is the case with so many NFL rookies. With different decisions, Kevin Elliott could have been in many other places this past weekend, and no question his athletic career could have played out differently. But as he sees it, there’s an overriding reason his story is what it is. Trying to make it in the NFL however he can, by whatever route necessary . . .

Who will be AFC South's top rookie? - AFC South Blog - ESPN

Let’s set aside Andrew Luck for the purposes of this post. Provided he’s not injured, the Colts rookie quarterback will start all season, and a starting quarterback is likely to be more impactful than people who play further away from the football. So, beyond Luck, what rookie stands to make the biggest impact in his first season?