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Should The Jaguars Hold Training Camp At Disney World?

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The Jacksonville Jaguars caravan idea and renewed talk of a practice bubble got me thinking back on a topic that I've brought up and discussed in the past. Currently, the Jaguars hold their training camp on-site at EverBank Field in the city of Jacksonville, which is great. The Jaguars are trying to expand their brand however, especially in the state of Florida, so maybe it's time to move training camp off-site?

Back in 2009, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers stopped holding their training camp in Orlando at the Disney Wide World Of Sports complex. This would seem like a perfect spot for the Jaguars to swoop in and try to capture the Orlando area and central Florida market by holding public training camp at the facility. While that would stink for the local Jaguars fan who religiously attended training camp here in town, it wouldn't been too far enough away where you couldn't mix-in some family vacation and Jaguars training camp.

If that's not in the cards, if the Jaguars plan on building a practice bubble why not build a facility off-site, but still close to Jacksonville? Something similar to what the Atlanta Falcons do with Flowery Branch. Find an area in say... Saint Augustine or Daytona Beach and build a practice facility there. This again accomplishes two goals, an indoor practice facility and expanding the Jaguars brand footprint in the state of Florida.