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Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup

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Gene Frenette: Players who should be next on Jaguars' honor roll |

The elite company that Fred Taylor is joining on Sept. 30 is called Pride of the Jaguars, as opposed to Hall of Fame, for a reason. The Jaguars reserve this honor for people who have served the franchise with distinction on and off the field, not solely by statistical accomplishments. Entry into Pride of the Jaguars should be difficult. For players, the privilege of gaining membership has to encompass years of consistently productive performance and exemplary conduct in the community. It’s not an easy standard. As Taylor said about joining Tony Boselli as the only player in the team’s ring of honor, it’s "special."

NFL Confidential: Fred Taylor recalls early days with Jaguars |

Running back Fred Taylor wasn’t thinking about being a top 10 pick going into the 1998 draft despite his 4.29 clocking at the NFL combine. And even the Jaguars were trying to trade up to get Curtis Enis, who went to the Bears with the fifth pick, before "settling" on Taylor at the ninth spot. "I only wanted to get drafted on the first day and back then it was four rounds. It wasn’t about the top 10 or this or that. When I got that call from coach [Tom] Coughlin [imitating Coughlin’s gruff voice], "Hey, young man, are you ready to be a Jaguar?’ ’’ Taylor said.

New CBA makes skipping mandatory minicamp much more expensive | ProFootballTalk

Boycotting mandatory offseason workouts isn’t as cheap as it used to be. Under the new labor deal, which was finalized after any mandatory minicamps would have been conducted in 2011, the maximum fines for skipping the three-day non-voluntary practice sessions have increased. Signficantly.