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Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup

Jeff Feagles stopped by Jaguars minicamp to work with Jaguars punter Bryan Anger |

Former Pro Bowl punter Jeff Feagles is in town for a couple of days to work with Jaguars third-round pick Bryan Anger. The idea came together at Tom Coughlin's Jay Fund event last month. Feagles suggested to Jaguars coach Mike Mularkey that he'd had some success in the past acclimating young players to the NFL. "He has a tremendous, tremendous upside," Feagles said of Anger.

The right direction

Mike Mularkey is still smiling, and as he sees it, he has reason to do so. If that seems odd – if you’re looking at recent headlines and just can’t quite figure why Mularkey would feel good these days – then you don’t understand the Jaguars’ new head coach. And as he sees it, you may not understand what’s up at EverBank Field in the 2012 offseason. "There’s a lot of good going on," Mularkey said.

Inside the Jaguars for June 13th

The process wasn’t easy, and in reality, it’s ongoing. But with his first NFL offseason a day from completion, Jaguars second-year quarterback Blaine Gabbertsaid he feels good about where he is with his knowledge of the team’s new offensive system. And overall, he said this offseason has been a good one.

Considering close games - AFC South Blog - ESPN

The teams that were bad in the division last season simply need to be in more of them. The Indianapolis Colts were only in two, and the Jacksonville Jaguars were only in five. Do those teams improve so much that they are often winning by more than a touchdown? Probably not. But if they can get into more games decided by one score, they’ll be in situations where a couple plays can make a bigger difference more often.