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Jaguars To Make $7.5 Million In Upgrades To Everbank Field

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The last thing that a team wants to do if they're planning a potential relocation is to spend money on a stadium they intend on leaving. Alas, there is more evidence that the Jaguars have no intention of leaving their North Florida home. Evidence that most media outlets outside of Jacksonville will undoubtedly ignore.

Per Michael Clinton of the Jacksonville Business Journal, the Jaguars intend to spend upwards of $7.5 million in upgrades to their stadium this offseason.

Among the upgrades that Clinton notes in his article are upgraded replay equipment for the video boards, a new graphic system for the video boards, a new sound system and improved lines for beer with the intent to "provide colder draft beer for fans."

Everbank Field, originally Jacksonville Municipal Stadium before becoming Alltel Stadium in 1997, opened in August 1995 and has served as the only home the Jaguars franchise has ever had.