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NFL Will Make 'Coaches Film' Available To Fans

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Spider X Banana Jalepeno? What coach?
Spider X Banana Jalepeno? What coach?

The NFL offers a great feature during the season in their "Game Rewind" service, which allows fans to re-watch every game from the NFL season online. For years this has prompted us stupid bloggers to ask for coaches film, also known as "All-22 film", so we can further evaluate what's going on on particular plays.

Sometimes it's tough to understand what's going on during a specific play because you can't really get the proper view of the play. Well, now you can. Obviously seeing the "coaches film" now won't necessarily make you understand all the moving parts going on during a player, but it will offer insight into a much better understanding of what's going on.

The Coaches Film is included in the premium Game Rewind package, available for a $60 subscription. This should offer some more thorough breakdowns when we're trying to figure out who blew a coverage or who ran the wrong route.

I for one am super excited about this. Since I get to watch the "All-22", I finally get to call myself an expert. So pumped.