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Justin Blackmon DUI: Video Of Jaguars WR Arrest Surfaces

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Just when you thought the Justin Blackmon DUI news had gone by the wayside, ABC25/NBC12 First Coast News obtained video of the Jacksonville Jaguars first-round pick being booked by police in Stillwater, Okla. Blackmon actually seems surprisingly stable and lucid for how high he blew on the breathalyzer test while he's being talked to by authorities.

He is also rocking an old No. 8 Kobe Byrant jersey. Video after the jump.

When asked in the video if Blackmon was drinking beer or liquor, he responded by saying, "I'm literally not a drinker."

The surprising thing to me in the video however is just how lucid Blackmon seems to be. He's clearly drunk, but to be .24 drunk one would think he'd have trouble walking, speaking clearly, and even staying conscious. It could mean the breathalyzer he blew was ultra sensitive, or it could mean something more dubious I'd rather not speculate on.