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Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup

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Fabulous Four

4. A necessary stance. We’ll begin this post-minicamp Fabulous Four focused on a popular topic –Maurice Jones-Drew. The more I thought this week about Jones-Drew missing mandatory minicamp, the more I came back to the disconnect between how the team feels about Jones-Drew’s absence and how the public perceives it – i.e., the public being understandably concerned with the team being less so. Not to say the Jaguars didn’t want Jones-Drew in Jacksonville this week.

Jaguars to build indoor practice facility |

The days of thunderstorms forcing the Jaguars into makeshift indoor practice spaces are numbered. The organization decided to build an indoor practice facility. "The team has decided, consistent with what [owner] Shad [Khan] did before, we need to give our team the support systems to give it the best chance to succeed," Jaguars president Mark Lamping said. "I think falling under that umbrella includes being able to practice when it’s raining outside and not having to go up to the west club."

Jaguars in line for overdue indoor field - AFC South Blog - ESPN

Once he gained a certain level of coaching security, tied mostly to a big contract, Jack Del Rio rarely missed a chance to illustrate how the Jaguars needed an indoor practice facility. He didn’t get what he wanted. But his successor Mike Mularkey will, per Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union. Thunderstorms are frequent in Jacksonville, and they often throw the practice schedule into disarray. Recently weather forced the move of some practices to the club section of EverBank Field and another to Veteran’s Memorial Arena.