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Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup

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Gene Smith realizes it's time for high draft picks to take the next step |

For the past five seasons, the Jaguars have made draft picks in the top 10 overall. That's where you find elite players and for the Jaguars it's meant defensive end Derrick Harvey, left tackle Eugene Monroe, defensive tackle Tyson Alualu, quarterback Blaine Gabbert and receiver Justin Blackmon. The most recent four are still on the roster and starters -- all selected since Gene Smith became general manager. And Smith knows that a large part of the team's success will depend on those players stepping up as a group. He replied to the suggestion a sort of chicken/egg response.

A third starter

He can live with his situation – being overlooked at times, having to work harder, having to prove himself a bit more than his teammates. C.J. Mosley said there’s a simple reason he has accepted his circumstances – namely, that he doesn’t have much choice. "I have to be OK with it," Mosley said.

If there is cap carnage in 2013 ... - AFC South Blog - ESPN

A stagnant salary cap could lead to cap carnage next year, writes Steve Wyche of If Maurice Jones-Drew doesn’t get a new deal now with two years remaining on his contract -- and I don’t believe he will -- imagine the press he will put on next year as he heads into the final season of his current deal? The idea that a cap crunch could put the squeeze on high-priced guys led me to the NFLPA records for scheduled base salaries in 2013.