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A Six Win Season?

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"62, is that Estes?"  "Estes, your helment is out of line son, you just cost us two games"
"62, is that Estes?" "Estes, your helment is out of line son, you just cost us two games"

First off, let me first state my apologies to all of you for not contributing to this site since the draft. You see I had this little life event going on called marriage. But, now that the stressful madness wedding is over, it is good to go back to normalcy, and with football firing up in less than 100 days, thank goodness our anticipation for the Jaguars upcoming season is there to get us though the dog days of summer. So catching up, what did I miss while I was on my honeymoon? Only a DUI from our first round pick, a contract dispute and hold out by our best player, a clubhouse leader cut, and now, most recently, Darren Rovell (Jag hater) has joined ESPN (Jag Hating Mothership). Is the sky falling on Jagnation?

John Clayton also of ESPN, known as the Professor (I prefer Sean Salisbury's "Mr. Peabody" better), has come out recently and proclaimed that the Jaguars would be a six win team at best. Once again this just goes to show the national perception of this franchise. No stars, no fans, and no good. Heck, we cannot even get a draft pick announced without a commercial break. If that is our fate, may the football gods help us. I mean, all homerism aside, I personally see no possibility outside of MJD not showing up, Gabbert's lack of progression, and or injuries once again depleting our defense, that six wins would be our destiny for 2012. Oh dear. .Have we all been hoodwinked, bamboozled, deceived, chiseled, fooled, tricked, hoaxed, duped, swindled, and dare I say snookered by a bunch of malarkey from the Jaguars PR base to think this team has a realistic shot?

I mean, come on, a new head coach, owner, punter who doesn't (we hope) shank punts ten yards, colder beer lines, Nike uniforms, new offensive system, new offensive weapons, and of course helmets in ordered lines, has got to equate to one more win over last year's team right? Right?