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Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup

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Jags, Ravens at either end of broad salary-cap spectrum | ProFootballTalk

The Jaguars have plenty of money to spend, but no players on which to spend it. The Ravens have the opposite problem. Per a source with knowledge of the salary-cap numbers available to each team as of Friday, June 22, the Jaguars lead the way with $25.1 million. In contract, the Ravens have only $606,000. The full list is available right here.

AFC South offseason hype awards - AFC South Blog - ESPN

In Jacksonville, we could fit quarterback Blaine Gabbert or rookie punter Bryan Anger into this category. But I think either would be a force. The Gabbert talk is wishful thinking, sure, but it’s also a new staff showing off its positive outlook about its potential franchise quarterback. Anger is a third-round draft pick and they have to defend his selection. The guy who fits this is defensive end Aaron Morgan, who was on IR last season with a shoulder injury. This is the third offseason in a row a team in need at his position has talked him up. GM Gene Smith called him a bright spot in the offseason.

More fantasy info on division players - AFC South Blog - ESPN

We hit the AFC South’s standing in ESPN’s initial fantasy football rankings, including Texans running back Arian Foster as No.1, in this post. A lot of other great stuff to get you thinking about your draft strategy is also out, and I wanted to share some division-specific tidbits. In staff sleepers and busts, the AFC South is mentioned more in sleepers than in busts.