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Charting Jake Locker - Route Patterns and Revised Distance Thrown - Music City Miracles

This will continue our series on Charting Jake Locker. Intro is here. Distance and direction is here. For this part of the series, we'll look at Locker's success in throwing to different routes and also get back into distances thrown. All in all Locker threw to 15 route varieties. Note here that hitch, curl, and stick routes are all lumped together as hitch routes. Not much elaboration need here, let's look at the data.

John McClain: Browns Offered 1st Round Pick for Ben Tate - Battle Red Blog

After months of speculation, it is now confirmed (by John McClain) that the Cleveland Browns did in fact offer their second 1st round pick (#22) in the 2012 draft to the Texans for Ben Tate. This could have allowed the Texans to grab Mercilus AND a first round WR or package picks to trade up.

NFL Films' Greg Cosell Seems To Like Colts 2012 Draft Class - Stampede Blue

Few people in this business are as respected as NFL Films' Greg Cosell. His uncle Howard was known by just about everyone with a television set back in the day, but in today's world of online media, Greg is carving out his own niche. He is one of the best at writing about draft prospects for the simple reason that he A) watches lots of tape, and B) knows what to look for when he does so. Recently, Cosell was a guest of Doug Farrar's Shutdown Corner podcast, and the topic of conversation was the AFC South teams and the players they took in the 2012 NFL Draft.